Don't freak out before marriage, save money through this hacks

Marriage seems complected and would seem more complicated when you would try to spell it. You will keep on erring because you would keep on missing the alphabet "i" that is between marr and age.  As long as "i" really matters, you better keep your head cool and everything will work out on it's own pace. Here I am giving you some tips that I have found to be true in many of cousins wedding as well as these are the "top secrets" that the high end wedding planners won't like to share with you.

The perfect day doesn't mean spending loads:

People tend to have a large to do list, which generally builds up to a major melt down. I was going through a wedding planner site where they said that people tend to just add up their wishes and the budget becomes larger and larger. So All the wedding gurus want you to think of the after affect of your marriage. The thing that they continuously want you to alert about, is the the financial effect of the fact that "Are those debts really going to make you happy afterwards?".  

Play the wedding prioritization game:

Once you know your budget, the aim is to work out how much you can actually afford to spend on different areas and prioritize what's important to YOU. The end result may be that you can't afford the wedding you wanted. But at least you won't spend what you can't afford.

Need fast cash for your wedding? Flog it!:

If a few extra taka is going to help you then don't hesitate to sell the things that you don't need. Also consider setting up a specific bank account to pay your earnings into. That way you'll see the wedding cash pile up, rather than just disappearing into your current account.

Use 3 mantra to not to overspend:

  • Will we use it?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Have I checked if it's cheaper elsewhere?

If the answer to any of these is no, don't buy it!

Pick an unusual day or unpopular season and save up to 50%:

Pick an unpopular day. Saturday or Sundays can cut the cost of the reception venue by up to half - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by even more. Discounts are often available for photographers, florists and ceremonies as well.

Don't over-invite:

Think very carefully about the guests. We do have this culture of "Big Fat Weddings". But if you can trim a bit, why won't you!. You can save loads in things like, ratio to the actual arrival of the guests to the amount of catering service.

Don't mention the 'w' word:

If there's one thing guaranteed to increase the price, it's when the suppliers you're buying from know it's a wedding. So when negotiating flowers, lights for your stage, friends dress for your holud etc, try to avoid the word 'wedding'. Call it a party or celebration, and only once the price is agreed should you mention it is for a wedding..

Make friends paparazzi for the day:

Many of your guests will record the day for posterity, so why not ask them for a copy of their photos and videos?


Marriage is fun and will certainly be the single greatest day of your life. Lets panic less and if there comes any challenge or obstacle , lets face it head on.

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