Effective way for investing in 20s

Different things start changing as soon as you step into adulthood. That primarily job, the stress to boost up your performance, giving your parents the sense that you were value of investment, fulfilling the loving fancies.

When you earn your income, you unknowingly embrace a great responsibility. It is not just meeting up your own needs by your own income without creating pressure on your parents. Ensuring your future financially is your own responsibility. It is odd to hear that you are still dependent on your parents. Furthermore it is really important for them (parents) to think about accumulating some money for post-retirement-period. Similarly it is high time for you to ensure your future.

What you should do is make clear sense of your needs and embark on investing in the proper sectors/places you want.

Nevertheless it has never been easy to approach onto investing. There are innumerable options, various policies and different people to provide you with decisive opinions. You will probably be confused and choose wrong options. For this reason we are here.

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Kirtton, who is a freelance writer of  web contents and newspaper editorials, is presently studying at University of Dhaka.