Top Shopify Drop Shipping Business Niche Summary Ideas

All e-commerce enthusiast knows the importance of choosing the right product niche in order to gain the desired revenue. There are thousands of items that can be sold through drop shipping. You may start with what you're passionate about, but that doesn't always work. Profitability should still be a primary consideration. Selling the right products can increase the chances of success and profitability of your Shopify drop shipping business.

Here are some great drop shipping niche ideas you can try on your Shopify store:

Health and Fitness

Since exercises have become more and more convenient, the health and fitness trend gained more avid followers. You can take advantage of this trend by bringing the convenience of home exercise to online shoppers.

You can sell yoga mats, exercise balls, fitness trackers or watch, and other exercise equipment. Aside from gear and equipment, you can also include health drinks, supplements, protein bars, and other health supplement products.


Whether it's everyday worn or for special occasions, style and comfort will always play an important role. This also makes this product niche constantly in demand.

What you need to remember when it comes to this niche is the brand. Nowadays, the brand usually comes with quality. If you're going for this niche on your drop shipping business, make sure that the products are made by the best manufacturers and known brands. The product list should include clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags, just to name a few.

Office or School Furniture and Supplies

Office and school furniture like desks, office chairs, and computers may have a long shelf life, but they don't last forever. You can sell the most durable brands of these pieces of furniture and equipment on your Shopify store to provide the best quality replacements to customers. To prevent customers from looking at other stores for other supplies, you can sell different varieties of office and school supplies.

Home Items

Homeowners are also always on the lookout for quality home products. They either need replacements for old ones or simply want an addition to their existing collection. Home items are also excellent gift ideas. This niche includes products like kitchenware, home decors, curtains, blinds, and home appliances.

Pet Care Products

A lot of pet owners are particular about their pet's health and grooming needs. Not every neighborhood has a pet shop or pet product store nearby, and pet owners will prefer the convenience of online shops. You can sell pet foods, shampoo, soaps, and grooming paraphernalia.

Beauty Products

Aside from wardrobe, bags, and shoes, girls also love shopping for makeup and personal care products. You can help make these women's online shopping experience more convenient by selling the top beauty products on your Shopify store.

It's also worth noting that not only women are beauty conscious nowadays. Men are also becoming more conscious of their personal care regimen. Thus, also include men's personal care products on your product list.

Outdoor and Security

Outdoor activities are more fun when using durable and portable camping equipment. It makes camping and hiking stress-free. If you choose this niche, some of the things you have to add to your product list are tents, hiking gear, and beach activity equipment.

A go bag is also important for any outdoor activities as well as daily activities. Self-defense products are also sought after. This includes sprays, tasers, and first-aid kit essentials.

Camera and Gadgets

Technology is an important part of life for people of different ages. When it comes to online store products, technology is best sold in the form of electronic gadgets. This includes phones, music players, Bluetooth devices, and many others.

The digital camera is also one of the most loved electronic gadgets. Aside from ordinary digital cameras, you can also sell professional cameras and accessories.


Jewelry is among the top gift choices for both men and women. This makes it an excellent choice of product niche. You have the option of selling metallic gold and silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets or handmade native style accessories. You can also sell them in pieces or sets as gift givers would prefer jewelry sets.


With thousands of product niches, Shopify has become a giant in the drop shipping industry. The ones included in this list are just some of the most profitable product niches right now.

Supplies and the marketing efforts should also be considered when choosing a product niche. You have to make sure that the products you sell come from reliable suppliers.

You also have to be aggressive about your marketing efforts in reaching out to potential customers.

These, along with the right product niche, are the keys to a successful Shopify drop shipping business.

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