How does a Credit Card work? (Part-2)

36 min 6 sec ago

Just prior to begin swiping your credit card at retailer establishments that deal with big sale, put a signature on the windows- pause a moment to make yourself understand actually how a credit card does work.

Steps of how a credit card works are enumerated below:

Step#1-The Handover

After few minutes of dealing with cashier, you take decision to pay for your buying and place the card on retailer’s hand for making transaction.

How does a credit card work? (Part-1)

1 day 55 min ago

A credit card is one of the best forms of payment (that you may not have experienced yet) for its usefulness and convenience. But it is unfortunate that people often make some misuses of it(credit card) due to not having proper and adequate knowledge of using it.  That can have serious financial consequences.

If you wish to make proper use of credit card and stave off the dangers concerning finance, this article can be helpful for understanding the nature, uses and limitations of credit card.

The Ways Your Investment Goals Can Be Missed

2 weeks 2 days ago

The assets of stock market can assist you to grab your financial goals. It’s possible provided that you are raring to reach your goals by hook or by crook. By the way, investors often fall into following pitfalls:

Absence Of Specificity In Your Goals

The desire to earn $1 million dollars which will be spent during retirement period, or the desire to have beautiful house is not actually your goals; they are all showing the ultimate result of your target.

Four reasons why investing is better than fixed deposit.

2 weeks 6 days ago

Concisely to save money is basically amassing money over time. A little amount of interest can be accrued from the account you save money. In addition, it will not satisfy your expectation. Investing in contrast is about increasing money by buying valuable assets that generate money. Valuable assets can be exemplified by property, bonds, arts and stocks. Saving and investing are important to excel in grabbing financial targets.

Effective way for investing in 20s

3 weeks 1 day ago

Different things start changing as soon as you step into adulthood. That primarily job, the stress to boost up your performance, giving your parents the sense that you were value of investment, fulfilling the loving fancies.

How to Plan Personal Monthly Budget

4 months 4 days ago

When you're not smart about your eating routine, eventually, you are going to be sick. The same thing applies when you're not smart about your spending. You are going to be unwell debt, foreclosure, vandalism, bad credit, bankruptcy, and the list continues on and on.

6 Influential Tips to Turn out to be a Millionaire

4 months 1 week ago

Everybody wishes to be a millionaire in their near future. To live a life where the dream and fantasy become true. But we don’t do what exactly we need to do. Sometimes we deal it with our brain, think about it and later forget it. But the matter is we don’t forget to wish for becoming a millionaire.


Why bankers may not approve your loan application?

10 months 1 week ago

At the birth of a brand new business initiative or with the boom of 1 that has been underway for a while, extra cash may be vital for fulfillment; for human beings beginning or building a commercial enterprise, the main origin of capital is industrial loans.