"Students Doing Tuition's": Save Your Hard Worked Money

It is pretty general in our country's context to have your first earning as a student by doing tutions . Let's face it, it is hard to cope up with parents demand, bearing with those childrens' mood swings and then again to continue your study. So after the whole long month, when you get your salary, it's so easy to get worked up and spend all those hardly earned money in a spoof. So here we come in, where we would discuss the ways to save your hard worked money. Don't worry you would have enough to watch new movies coming up in Basundhara City every month and to do a not so frequent but enough visits to your loved restaurant.

for the sake of "future you", let's start saving.

1. Where does your money go:

It is important to know where you are spending your money. This will allow you to develop better spending habits. Make a budget to estimate your monthly income and expenses.

2. Live like a university student:

The reality is that you are a university student. So live like one don't spend money you don’t have yet. Though it may feel difficult, living like a student now will place you in a better financial situation when you graduate.

3. Don't abuse credit:

Be responsible with credit/debit cards. Only charge what you can truly afford to pay off each month and make sure it fits into your budget. If you are easily tempted to overuse, leave the credit or debit card at home and take only the cash you can afford to spend.

4. Nothing's impossible:

While it may seem impossible to save, try anyway, even if it's only 100 taka a week. Place the money in a savings account that's not attached to your ATM card, so it remains difficultly accessible.

5. Keep it safe:

Be sure to keep receipts, other financial statements like your bank account, admission receipt for every semester. You never know, when you will need to efer to these documents.

6. But do you need it:

One of the most important money saving tips is not to buy on impulse.Wait a few days and see if you still need the item.

7. Keep Score:

This tip is mandatory for students, who are in sublets or live in messes .You people should make sure you pay your bills on time, every time. While this may seem obvious, but paying in time is a big factor in having a good credit score.

8. Be a cheap stake:

Many universities offer lots of free or cheap activities on campus which will provide the opportunity to socialize without a lot of expense.There are many clubs in your university.If you query a bit ,you will find that these clubs do a lot of traveling .You should join in with these clubs .This would save you money as these travels will cost you less then your single journey to that respected place.

9. Milk your student status:

Lots of places will give you a discount simply for being a student. Look for places that offer savings when you show your student ID .

10. Use the used:

At first look online for things that you need. There are many "Desperately seeking" groups as well as "Exchange" groups in facebook. You should always go through the chat threads below the post to have a better understanding about the product and you should also look for the actual value for that object online.

Student life is fun. As you have some money to add up to it, why not spend it wisely and save some part of it. There is always a chance of being unemployed, so for the sake of "future you", let's start saving.

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Dip is a freelance writer and a student at Brac University. He also loves to introduce himself as special agent in charge at Himu Corp.


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A well defined idea on Savings and its necessity. Thank You Dipayan

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Thanks Barshan for your valuable feedback  :)

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What a plan