How to save money while travelling in Dhaka traffic

Traveling in Dhaka or in any major city is a big hassle. When you are clouded with the carbon smoke emitted from the truck next to you, you cannot really do nothing much but then desiring that the guy will end up in hell. But still we need to travel and inhale some of that smoke as teleportaion is still a science fiction. Let's cheer you up with discussing the ways of saving money whenever you travel inside your city.

Find a traveling buddy

Yes, In this city where everybody is running, it will be hard to find a traveling buddy. Generally it will be tough for those people, who are new to the city. But on the contrary we Bangladeshis have this huge reputation of being extrovert. So find yourself a traveling buddy, when it comes to rickshaw journey or traveling by a CNG, if you people pay alternately, you will be saving a good amount of money at the end of the month.

Traffic alert, listen to it

Now-a-days every radio show has its segment of traffic alert. Listen to the alert carefully, which signal is busy, because sitting in that signal would definitely raise the CNG meter. There is also many traffic alert facebook group.Join any of those groups.

Car pulling service

In our country's context this may look to you "we are not ready for it yet". Why not start these services among your friends?. How this service work is that, you with your car kind of work like a taxi service, where you have this set of connections. Whenever you are going on a same route, you call them or they call you. It helps mutually. You can charge the same as a taxi service but the journey would be more fun as the driver is not dead to you and as you will be sharing the journey, it would cost less.

Leg it

Yes, you really need to walk. In our country where most of the car stand still in the jam for hours after hours, a clever thing to do will be to walk. You can have your own play list of songs to make it more enjoyable and it would also help you with your health. You can buy a nice running shoe to get you more motivated. But as you are going to sweat a lot, try to have an extra set of dress and a deodorant in your backpack.

Get a cycle

It is becoming really popular in our country, now a days to get a cycle. As I am also a cyclist, I can guarantee you that whenever you would feel the cool breeze hitting against your face, it would seem so worth it. You can join in a cycling club to ride in a group. You would definitely save the whole amount of money to travel. The advice here is to buy a nice, sustainable cycle. This may cost you a lot initially but when you bear in your mind that after today there won't be any convenience charge, then this would seem so ok to you.

I know convenience has not been fun for you. But If you can get some of this advice in your daily life. You would lead a more happy life and by things like cycling and walking you would get to see more of the city that you have been deprived of by sitting in that bus playing clash of clans.

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