Standard Chartered Bank Titanium Credit Card
Standard Chartered Bank Titanium Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank Titanium Credit Card

One of the best cards with cash back facility

Key Product Features

Interest Rate 36.00%
3% per month
Minimum Monthly Income BDT 25000
Balance Transfer Yes

9.99% Per Year
Annual Fee 5000, 2000 for customers enjoying multiple credit cards from Standard Chartered.

Fees and Charges

Over limit fee
Over limit fee 1000 BDT

Fee for supplementary holder
BDT 1000
Vat on fees and charges

Late Payment fees
750 BDT
Other Charges
Cash advance charges N/A
Cash advance interest charges ক্যাশ অ্যাডভান্স পরিমাণের ২.৫% অথবা ১০০ টাকা যেটি বেশি। Amount of cash advance is 2.5% or BDT 100 whichever is higher.
Cheque Advance / Withdrawal Charge N/A
Return cheque fee N/A

Over Limit Service Fee 1000.

Other Features

Islamic/Conventional Conventional
Credit Limit Min: BDT 30000
Max: BDT 500000
Cash Advance / Withdraw Amount 50% of Credit Limit
Cash back limit (Max) 2000 per month
Reward points BDT 50= 1 Point
Expires: 3 years
Protection Plan / Insurance Coverage Accidental Death Insurance Coverage of BDT 10,00,000
InstaBuy / Installment Features 0% InstaBuys For Up To 24 Months At All Partner Shops and Stores
Airport Lounge access: N/A
Luggage service: N/A
Other service: N/A


Min. Age Requirement: 19Years

Min. Monthly Income: BDT 25000

Employment Eligibility
  • Salaried Employee
  • Self Employed/Businessman
  • Land Owner

Documents requirements

Mandatory documents for all

  • Copy of valid Photo ID for Applicant & Nominee (such as Passport / National ID / Driving License etc)
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Photograph of the nominee duly attested by the applicant
  • Copy of e-TIN Certificate
  • Residence address verification document (eg. Utility Bill, Home Ownership Document etc.)


Supporting Documents:

For Salaried Customers – 

  • Proof of Income document(eg. Letter of Introduction/ Appointment letter/ Salary Certificate/ Bank Statement reflecting salary,etc.)
  • Proof of occupation document (eg. Employment contract / Business Card/ employee photo-id,etc.)


For Businessman/ Self Employed - 

  • Proof of Income document (eg. Bank Statement/ Companies Audited Financial report/ Tax Return Acknowledgment Receipt with monetary indication etc.)
  • Proof of occupation document (eg. Trade License/ Partnership deed/ Certificate of incorporation/ Memorandum of Articles/ BMDC /BEI Registration /Bar license/Chartered Accountant license as appropriate)

Other requirements


Standard Chartered Bank Titanium Credit Card

The maximum cashback limit that can be earned in a month is BDT 2,000. The cash back amount will be calculated based on spends at Points of Sale (POS) or online purchases as per the percentages specified for the categories.


1. Terms and Conditions on Cash Back Reward:

  • i. Cash back reward is applicable only to the Titanium Credit Card (the ‘Card’).
  • ii. "Cash back” Reward means a credit entry executed by the Bank on the card account based on eligible transactions.
  • iii. "Cash back Percentage" means the percentage of the eligible transaction amount that would be given as "cash back" which is subject to change at the discretion of the bank. However, the bank will notify the Cardholder through SMS and email to Cardholder’s mobile number and email address registered with the bank before making any such changes. Please contact immediately at any of our branches or call our 24 hour Client Care Centre at 8332272 or 16233 (from mobile) in case you do not agree with any such notification.
  • iv. "Eligible Transaction" means any retail transaction (not being cash withdrawal, cash advance, card cheque transaction, Instant loan, or any other category of transactions as may be decided from time to time by the Bank at its sole discretion) belonging to the "Promoted Categories" which has successfully been posted on the card account and not charged back or reversed.
  • v. "Promoted Category" means a category of transactions promoted from time to time by the Bank at its own discretion. The "promoted categories" will be decided on the basis of merchant category and merchant establishment code for the establishment where the purchase is made. The Bank reserves the right to define whether a purchase meets the Cash back Reward eligibility criteria or not.
  • vi. Eligible Transactions conducted by the Supplementary Cardholder shall also acquire Cash back Rewards on the primary Card Account.
  • vii. Returned purchases, disputed or unauthorized / fraudulent transactions, finance charges, card account fees and charged back transactions shall not be eligible for Cash back Reward. The bank reserves the right to reverse any Cash back Reward credited on such transactions.
  • viii. Eligible transactions conducted overseas will also be eligible for the Cash back Reward.
  • ix.This Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card - Terms and Conditions on Cash back Reward shall be read in conjunction with the “Credit Card Terms and Conditions” and in case of any conflict between the Credit Card Terms and Conditions and this Standard Chartered Titanium Credit Card - Terms and Conditions on Cash back Reward the latter shall prevail.

2. Interest Rate/Finance Charge:

  • 36% Yearly and 3% Per Month On All Transaction Types, Calculated From Statement Date Till Payment Due Date.

3. Fee for supplementary holder:

  • BDT 1000

4. InstaBuy / Installment Features:

  • 0% InstaBuys for up to 6 months at Partner CNGs, 0% InstaBuys for up to 24 months for over BDT 60,000 at Bridal Moment, 0% InstaBuys for up to 3 months at Lion Cycle Store, 0% Instabuys for up to 12 Months for selected bicycle models at Cyclelife Exclusive, 0% InstaBuys for up to 12 months at Unilever authorizes outlets or 10% discount for one-time payment for Home delivery, 0% InstaBuys for up to 6 months at Runner Automobiles Limited, 0% InstaBuys for up to 12 months at Roxy Paints Industries Ltd, 0% InstaBuys for up to 12 months for Electronics & Home Appliance at Euro Kitchens Limited

Up to 16% Discount On Partner Restaurants

No specific features but can redeem reward points from partner grocery shops

Up to 50% Discount On Published Room Rate At Partner Hotels

0% InstaBuys For Up To 12 Months At All Partner Shops

0% InstaBuys For Up To 12 Months At All Partner Health Cares

0% InstaBuys For Up To 24 Months At All Partner Electronics Stores

Biman Bangladesh Airlines: 20% Discount on base fare on all class for Dhaka-Kathmandu Route. 15% Discount on base fare on Economy Class only for Dhaka-Bangkok Route. 10% Discount on base fare on all class for all other Domestic and International Routes.