How to Start Social Media Marketing Agencies Across The World

Social media marketing is a great marketing tool because of the influence and popularity of various social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you're thinking about putting up a business using digital technology, a social media marketing agency provides a promising return of investment and future for your career.

In this post, you'll learn how to start your very own social media marketing agency, not just locally, but also globally.    

Step One: Equip Yourself with the Right Knowledge and Skills

Just because you’re well-versed in social media automatically means you're good at promoting products and services using Facebook and other social media channels. It's essential to keep yourself abreast with the right information about social media marketing, from the basic to the most advanced to become good at it.

Luckily, there are plenty of social media marketing courses online that help you start a web marketing agency.

Here are some free social media marketing courses available online:  

  • GenM Digital Apprenticeship: You can learn digital marketing and social media management and gain work experience within the comfort of your own home. This digital apprenticeship program allows you to communicate with entrepreneurs and business owners.

    Also, you can build your CV, resume, and portfolio. Upon completing the apprenticeship, you'll get a digital certificate and continue to take free courses to upgrade your skills.

    You'll learn the following at GenM Digital Apprenticeship: Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Yelp Marketing, Email Marketing Basics, Search Engine Optimization, and Google For Business.

  • Facebook Advertising Blueprint: One of the best advertising platforms is Facebook. If you're planning to start a social marketing agency, you have to know the ins and outs of Facebook marketing to optimize your campaigns.

    Facebook provides valuable training so you can set up, manage, and optimize Facebook Ads. You'll learn how to create ads on Facebook, how to set a schedule and budget for your Facebook Ads, and finding the best ad images among others.

  • Google Analytics Academy: As you probably know, Google Analytics is a free and indispensable tool you can use to track your online advertising spending. That's why you need to know the importance of properly setting up conversion tracking goals, so you'll be able to monitor and analyze which social media channels are leading to the most sales.

    Basic knowledge and technical know-how of Google Analytics is necessary for anyone wanting to manage a social media or any digital marketing business.

  • Instagram Authority: Alex Tooby, the famous Instagram influencer, offers a free introductory course on Instagram marketing. You'll have daily lessons in your inbox once you sign up and take a social marketing course. You'll learn how to set up a bio to increase clicks and followers on your site, choose hashtags to increase your engagement, promote products and services, strategically create content, and become the authoritative figure of your business niche.

  • Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot Academy: In this, you can learn by watching videos at your own pace and following the course frameworks. Get certified and learn how to optimize your website, create content with a purpose, how to create a landing page, cultivate happy customers, and send the right email content to the right leads.

Step Two: Finance Your Business

If you love social media and you have a background in marketing, you'll thrive and can become successful in this business. However, you need to extend beyond checking Facebook and Twitter every 15 minutes.

You need to know how social media users interact on different platforms. Also, you need to set a budget or find ways to finance your business, whether getting a personal loan or business loan.

Here are some tips to help you finance your social media marketing business:

  • Invest in quality computer or laptop, stable WiFi or internet connection, and create a small advertising budget.

  • You need to invest additional equipment if you want to incorporate your graphic design skills, like professional tablets.

  • You can set up a home-based social marketing agency, so you don't need to rent out an office space unless you want to offer full agency services.

Step Three: Take Care of Business and Legal Matters

As your business grows, your social media marketing business is legally compliant to avoid wasting money and time. It's important to plan your business to become a successful entrepreneur. Also, it's crucial to consider your target market, the initial costs, the name of your business, and the length of time you can break even.

Here are the essential steps to jump-start your social media marketing agency:

  • Establish a legal business entity, like LLC, to make your business legitimate.

  • Register for state and federal taxes.

  • Open a bank account intended for your business.

  • Set up or hire a business accountant to record expenses and income sources.

  • Obtain necessary licenses and permits.

  • If you hire employees, get business insurance and workers compensation insurance.

Step Four: Market Your Business and Define Your Brand

If you already have existing clients from your freelance jobs, start marketing your business, and provide a reward for referrals, like free monthly content or social media marketing advice.

Create your website and social media fan page to let people know that your business is existing. Take time to gain clients from various sources, like referrals of family and friends. Eventually, you can expand globally by hiring offshore writers and marketers with cheaper rates.


It's time to start your social marketing agency by equipping yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude. Take digital marketing courses to improve your skills and become more competent to face the challenges you'll face in the future.

Of course, don't forget to obtain the necessary permits, licenses, insurance, and business entity, most especially if you're planning to expand your business globally.

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